Ok, thanks for sticking with me. Here’s what I want you to do ASAP:

Simply avoid the 3 specific categories of foods I outline below.

These foods pack on the pounds and beat up your M.A.T.

Think of them as M.A.T. DISRUPTORS.

However, rest easy: as a Level 4 Fat burner, you can just swap them out with the delicious foods I’ll share on this very page below.

That’ll help optimize your level of this youth hormone, rebuild your M.A.T., and get your body back!

The 1st M.A.T. Disruptor to Avoid is:

Soybean oil
This has Toxic Levels of
Inflammatory Omega-6s

Common cooking oils… especially soybean oil.

Soybean oil sneaks its way into common foods and is used in many restaurants.

Worst of all, it’s billed as “healthy”. That’s hogwash, and here’s why:

There are 2 fatty acids your cells need to stay healthy and burn fat: omega-6 and omega-3.

However, your cells need them in THE RIGHT amounts: ideally a 1-to-1 ratio.6

Now get this: soybean oil has 11 times more omega-6 than omega-3!

With that much of an omega-6 overload, your cells stop working the way they should.

And that sends M.A.T.-destroying insulin levels soaring. 7

Now you may not think you’re eating much soybean oil… but don’t be so sure.

Research shows it’s THE most widely used oil, accounting for 55% of ALL oil used…

It’s hidden in mayo, salad dressings, virtually all fast food… even in some breakfast meats and flavored coffees!

In fact, it’s the #1 source of omega-6 imbalances in the USA. 8

So what should you do instead?

Here’s what I recommend for womenmen who are Level 4 Fat Burners…

  • Use extra virgin olive oil when cooking at low heat.
  • Use cold-pressed coconut oil when cooking at high heat.

Both of these natural oils are wonderful for your joints, 9,10 brain 11, and heart. 12,13

They also help optimize levels of the “youth hormone”…

The one that combats fat-storing insulin and helps fully-activate fat-burning M.A.T.

I’ll go over this more in a moment.

First, let’s cover:

The 2nd M.A.T. Disruptor to Avoid is:

Agave nectar
This Can Cause Fatty
Liver Disease in Anyone

Natural Sweeteners.

“But wait Dr. Jonny… aren’t natural sweeteners better than sugar?”

Not always.

In fact, some natural sweeteners can be far worse than sugar. Let me explain…

There are two types of molecules in sugar: glucose and fructose.

In table sugar, they’re balanced in a 1 to 1 ratio.

However, some other sweeteners have higher levels of fructose.

That’s a major problem.

Because while glucose is processed by your entire body…

Fructose is processed in your liver as a toxin.

Studies have linked fructose to everything from fatty liver disease to elevated triglycerides… And most importantly, to insulin resistance.

That means your body cranks out more insulin than it should.

This excess insulin feeds fat and starves M.A.T.

That’s why you may have heard that High Fructose Corn Syrup is worse than regular sugar.

It’s hidden in fruit juice, whole wheat bread… even in ketchup!

Well get this:

High Fructose Corn Syrup doesn’t have nearly as much fructose as another supposedly “healthy” sweetener: Agave Nectar.

Agave Nectar sounds “natural” right? It’s not!

It has as much as 92% fructose!

Comparison chart of sugar to HFCS to Agave. Sugar

Eating Agave Nectar is like setting off an insulin bomb in your body.

Again, you may not think you’re eating much Agave Nectar.

However, if you eat just about any packaged food, you’re likely ingesting a LOT of it without knowing.

It’s in so-called ‘healthy’ protein bars, energy bars, and even weight loss products!

How outrageous is that?

So what should you use instead of these toxic sugars?

Liquid stevia. It’s easier on the stomach and tastes great.

It does not raise insulin or blood sugar levels.

Even better: stevia has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar and reduce insulin. 14

That means your M.A.T. gets a wonderful boost. You can burn more fat while you enjoy your favorite sweet treats.

In fact, I’ll give you a few delicious stevia-sweetened dessert recipes in your personalized plan in just a moment...

Right after I cover:

The 3rd M.A.T. Disruptor to Avoid is:
(This is Perhaps the Worst of All)

The reason these are so bad is that they affect the entire household.

Chicken Drumsticks
Contains a Sticky “Gunk”
that Blocks Fat Burning

I call them family foods.

These are foods you may be feeding your kids, spouse and friends...

“Family foods” include caramelized onions, charred steaks, and the real shocker:

Chicken breasts!

Specifically, chicken with barbecue sauce.

Now rest easy: chicken can be a healthy weight loss food… if you cook it right.

However, the sauces we put on chicken breasts are full of insulin-spiking sugar.

And there’s something worse about cooking with these sauces…

At a high enough heat, they create AGE particles.

“AGE” stands for “Advanced Glycation Endproducts”…

This sticky gunk gums up our M.A.T. and stalls the ability to burn fat.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and tasty fix:

Instead of using a sweet sauce to cook with, use real butter or coconut oil.

These fats actually have more flavor than most sugar-based sauces…

And eating them with a healthy protein like chicken will not make you fat.

Lower insulin and fewer AGE particles means faster weight loss..

Your health can improve….

Your skin may glow from the addition of healthy, natural fats.

And your energy can dramatically increase from the reduction of cancer-causing AGE particles.

Ok, now that you know the M.A.T.-disrupting foods you need to avoid…

It’s time you meet your “youth hormone” hero.

This is the one that feeds your M.A.T. while starving your fat.

And it’s the biggest weight loss breakthrough I’ve ever seen in my 20-plus-year career.

What’s really special about this youth hormone is you only have to follow a few simple food tweaks to naturally produce all you’ll ever need.

Your new weight loss savior is a little hormone called IGF-1.

IGF-1 was originally discovered in 1957. But at the time, doctors thought it was only important for children.

This Natural Weight Loss Hormone Was First Discovered in 1957
This Weight Loss Breakthrough Was Discovered in 1957

That’s because IGF-1 plays a big role in growing the brain, heart, liver and kidneys…

And it’s why kids have almost 3 times better IGF-1 levels than most adults… 15

This ideal level of IGF-1 makes kids perfect full-time fat burners.

However, its power to do the same thing for adults wasn’t understood until much more recently.

We now know IGF-1 plays a major role in turning fat calories into clean, long-burning fuel for your M.A.T.

And because your brain, liver, heart, and kidneys are your primary M.A.T...

The importance of optimizing IGF-1
CANNOT be overstated…

A 2014 study showed folks with the optimal level of IGF-1 had:

  • Larger brain volume, indicating enhanced cognitive function… 16
  • A lower risk for heart disease… 17
  • And much stronger bones. 18

And that’s not all it does.

Remember that IGF-1 is also known as the youth hormone.

That’s because a 2013 study showed IGF-1 can reduce skin wrinkling and facial aging.19

Imagine looking years younger!

And when you have M.A.T.-enhancing IGF-1 surging through your body, even your sleep may improve! (Just like when you were a baby!)

Here’s the problem… IGF-1 levels are impaired by:

  • 14% when we hit our 30s…
  • 25% in our 40s…
  • And a full 56% in our 60s. 20

Sounds pretty bleak, right? Well don’t worry.

Scientists have discovered a reliable way to optimize your M.A.T.-enhancing IGF-1 levels!

And it can work wonders at any age.

All it takes is eating the right combination of foods, at the right times. 21

These foods are absolutely delicious, and the furthest thing from gross “diet foods”.

That’s what makes the personalized IGF-1 meal plan you’re about to get so revolutionary.

It reveals the perfect foods for all of us who desire to lose weight yet don’t care for dieting.

If that sounds like you, you’re lucky you’ve found this transcript!

So which foods will optimize your IGF-1 levels?

And when should you eat them to reactivate M.A.T. so you can burn EVEN MORE FAT?

Well, I have good news.

You do NOT have to eat bushels of kale and spinach to dial in your IGF-1…

In fact…

To optimize this youth hormone
I want you to devour “cheat” foods.

Foods like the carbs we all love.

Cheat Foods
These “Cheat Foods” Can Help
Boost Your Youth Hormone

For me, that's mouthwatering breads and rich desserts. For others, it's pasta or tasty cereals.

If you eat them at just the right times, these foods stimulate your M.A.T.

That means you can lose weight without feeling deprived... that’s a godsend!

It makes your new eating plan fun, and a snap to stick to.

Now, eating the right foods at the right time is only one way to optimize IGF-1 and reactivate M.A.T.

And as productive as our time has been together, there is simply no way to cover every tip you’ll want to fully activate your M.A.T.…

…to shed fat from the most stubborn parts of the body like the thighs, hips, and belly…

…to remove “willpower” from the equation and let IGF-1 take over all the hard work…

…to trim off as much fat as possible in just 22 days….

To do that, you’ll want even more personalized help.

I want to give you a step-by-step, tailored plan specifically created for Level 4 Fat Burners like you.

So many other Level 4 Fat Burners are losing weight and completely thriving on the plan you’re about to begin today…

Including Jacqueline, who I told you about earlier.

At 53, she had never been able to fully control her metabolism. And she wasn’t happy with how she looked or felt.

Then she started my IGF-1 optimizing plan.

Today, she has such a strong fat-burning metabolism that she can’t even eat the junk food she used to without feeling wiped out.

She’s lost 44 pounds and says “overall, it was the best thing I ever did.”*

Victoria Lost 7 lbs. in 22 Days
and 40 lbs. Overall*
Victoria Before and After Pictures

*Results vary based on age, gender, and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. per week.

Then there’s Victoria from Ontario.

At 48, she didn’t know if she would ever feel good or look good again.

However, in the first 22 days on this IGF-1 optimizing plan she lost 7 pounds.

And then get this: She lost another 33 pounds after that!*

She says, “Literally the fat just came off… Everyone around me comments how great I look."

Amazing, right? Well she’s not alone.

Linda Lost 40 lbs. and
Feels 10 Years Younger*
Linda before and after pictures

*Results vary based on age, gender, and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. per week.

Stacey from Little Rock lost 8 pounds and is no longer dependent on snacks to get through her day.*

Laura from Detroit dropped 2 dress sizes in the first 22 days.*

And then there’s Shari, one of my favorite stories.

In her first 22 days, she dropped 14 and a half pounds. More importantly, by optimizing her IGF-1, she upgraded her fat burning level…

And following the same plan, she kept upgrading it for the next 11 months.

Shari Lost 14 lbs. in 22 Days
and 130 lbs. Overall*
Sheri before and after pictures

*Results vary based on age, gender, and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. per week.

Overall, she lost 130 pounds and looks fantastic.*

She says, “There isn’t anything special about me at all. I followed the plan and my body responded the way it’s supposed to.”

Literally tens of thousands of women have used this plan to lose weight and start feeling as good as they look.

Including Robert, who I told you about earlier.

Robert Lost 42 pounds and is in the Best Shape of His Life!*
Robert Before and After Pictures

*Results vary based on age, gender, and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. per week.

Robert was a self-described “workout junkie.”

Yet he couldn’t manage to lose a pound.

Then he started following my IGF-1 optimizing plan.

And he was shocked at how quickly his body changed.

He says, “By day 7, people had already started complimenting me. Now, people tell me I look like I went in a chamber and came out somebody totally new. I have more energy. I feel better. I rest better.”

Overall, Robert lost 42 pounds and says he’s in the best shape of his life.

James Lost 100 Pounds and
Feels Like a New Man!*
James Before and After Pictures

*Results vary based on age, gender, and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. per week.

Then there’s James.

Through his early 30s, he tried everything, but the weight always came back…

Until he tried my simple IGF-1 optimizing plan.

That’s when the fat really started coming off. He’s down 100 lbs. and still going.

He says it was a “life changer.”

In fact, he’s even started dating a beautiful woman.

There’s David from Connecticut who lost 42 pounds.

He says he stuck with the program because it was simple and made sense.

Victor Went From a 44 to 36 Waist,
Lost 57 Pounds and Feels
10 Years Younger!*
Victor Before and After Pictures

*Results vary based on age, gender, and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5-2.5 lbs. per week.

Victor from upstate New York lost 57 pounds. His waist went from a 44 to a 36.

Jay from Tucson lost 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Literally tens of thousands of men have used this plan to lose weight, and start feeling as good as they look.

I’d love nothing more than for you to join these thrilling success stories and do it in just 22 days.

That’s why I’d like to give you a personalized M.A.T.-activating, fat-burning plan on the very next page.